Cardboard Box Vroomster

Cardboard Box Vroomster

Your little Go Jetter can relive the Go Jetters adventures with their very own Vroomster!

Download the instructions and templates here.

You will need:

  • a large cardboard box
  • scissors
  • marker
  • blue and white paint
  • coloured card (blue, white and orange)
  • paint brush
  • craft glue
  • two plastic bottles
  • strong wide tape (duct tape)
  • ribbon or cord


  1. Trim the height of the box, tapering down towards the front.
  2. Fold in the front flap and glue or tape in place.
  3. Using a marker draw along the sides and front, as shown.
  4. Next paint the box white and blue.
  5. Cut out all the details from the templates provided.
  6. Decorate your Vroomster with all the template details.
  7. Making the turbines – get two plastic bottles (we used 1.5l bottles). Cover one side in white coloured card and the other side in blue. Next glue an orange strip around the base of the bottles as shown.
  8. Glue the turbines to each side of your Vroomster. Using the duct tape, cover the edges of the box opening.
  9. Seatbelt – finally glue one end of the ribbon to the back of the Vroomster to make the all important seatbelt. Secure the other side with velcro in the position that best suits your child.

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