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Go Jetters explorer kit

There are so many activities on the website for your Go Jetter to complete, but where can they store them? In their very own Explorer Kit of course!  Get crafty with your kids and help them to make the Explorer Kit out of a cardboard box and have hours of fun!

Download the instructions, listed in three separate sheets below…

Download instruction sheet 1
download instruction sheet 2
Download instruction Sheet 3

You will need:


  1. Begin by gluing white card to the lid of the box, covering about two thirds of the box.
  2. Print off all the templates provided and cut out the two larger shapes first. Glue them together along the glue tab.
  3. Place your template down on blue card. Trace along the edges with a pen or pencil. Gently score along the dashed line with the ballpoint pen, being carefully not to tear through. Then cut the shape out with the scissors.
  4. Fold up the sides and base along the scored lines.
  5. Then glue the blue card on to the lid.
  6. Cut out all the remaining details for your Explorer Kit from the third template page.
  7. Place the arrowhead shape on the orange card. Trace around the shape using a pen or pencil, then carefully cut out the shape using a scissors.
  8. Place the orange shape on the white side of the lid and trace the inside of the shape. Using a craft knife carefully cut out the shape.
  9. Flip the lid over and tape a piece of acetate to the inside of the opening.
  10. Decorate the lid of your adventurer box with all the template stars and turbines.
  11. Optional: To add more detail to your Vroomster box, cut some hexagons and other shapes out of blue card and glue them to the lid.
  12. Finally glue a length of ribbon to the lid to make a carrying handle….. and you’re ready to go.