Go Jetters: The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Go Jetters: The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Go Jetters: Stonehenge, England
Go Jetters: The Sahara Desert, Africa
Go Jetters: Niagara Falls, Canada and USA
Go Jetters: Sydney Opera House, Australia
Go Jetters: The Statue of Liberty, USA
Go Jetters: The Brandenburg Gate, Germany
Go Jetters: Lambert-Fisher Glacier, Antarctica
Go Jetters: Chichen Itza, Mexico
Go Jetters: The Great Wall of China
Go Jetters: The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
Go Jetters: Lake Titicaca, South America
Go Jetters: The Colosseum, Italy
Go Jetters: The Taj Mahal, India
Go Jetters: Mount Etna, Italy
Go Jetters: Table Mountain, South Africa
Go Jetters: The Northern Lights, Finland
Go Jetters: Amazon Rainforest, South America
Go Jetters: The Dead Sea, Middle East
Go Jetters: The Forbidden City, China
Go Jetters: The Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland
Go Jetters: Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland
Go Jetters: The Golden Gate Bridge, USA
Go Jetters: Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Go Jetters: Big Ben, England
Go Jetters: The North Pole, Arctic Ocean Christmas Special
Go Jetters: The Strokkur Geyser, Iceland
Go Jetters: The Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain
Go Jetters: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Go Jetters: Mount Everest, Asia
Go Jetters: Loch Ness, Scotland
Go Jetters: The Grand Canyon, USA
Go Jetters: Easter Island, Chile
Go Jetters: The Parthenon, Greece
Go Jetters: Cathedral of Saint Basil, Russia
Go Jetters: Tarbela Dam, Pakistan
Go Jetters: Mount Rushmore, USA
Go Jetters: Caernarfon Castle, Wales
Go Jetters: The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Go Jetters: Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand
Go Jetters: Lake Retba, Senegal
Go Jetters: Hong Kong, China
Go Jetters: Cappadocia, Turkey
Go Jetters: Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya
Go Jetters: The Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Go Jetters: Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico
Go Jetters: The Blue Mountains, Jamaica
Go Jetters: The Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan
Go Jetters: The Nazca Lines, Peru
Go Jetters: The Paddy Fields of China
Go Jetters: Petra, Jordan
Go Jetters: The Matterhorn, Italy and Switzerland
Go Jetters: Bonneville Salt Flats, USA
Go Jetters: Rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia
Go Jet Academy: Artificial Reef
Go Jetters: Machu Picchu, Peru
Go Jetters: Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar
Go Jetters: Venice, Italy
Go Jetters: Seattle Space Needle, USA
Go Jet Academy: Hailstorm
Go Jetters: Harbin Ice City, China
Go Jetters: White Cliffs of Dover, England
Go Jetters: Central Park, New York
Go Jetters: Bullet Train, Japan
Go Jet Academy: Wind Power
Go Jetters: Gua Rusa, Borneo
Go Jetters: Christmas Island, Indian Ocean
Go Jetters: Terracotta Army, China
Go Jetters: Panama Canal, Panama
Go Jetters: Tower Bridge, London
Go Jetters: Tepui Mountains, Venezuela
Go Jet Academy: Biogas Power
Go Jet Academy: Hurricane Rescue
Go Jetters: Valley of the Balls, Kazakhstan
Go Jetters: Gliding, Argentina
Go Jetters: Nomads, Mongolia
Go Jet Academy: Compass Navigators
Go Jetters: Wolong Panda Reserve, China
Go Jet Academy: Map Readers
Go Jetters: The Boreal Forest, Canada
Go Jetters: Timgad Ruins, Algeria
Go Jetters: Everglades National Park, Florida
Go Jetters: The Sphinx, Egypt
Go Jet Academy: Mudslide
Go Jetters: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Go Jetters: Leshan Giant Buddha, China
Go Jetters: Kinderdijk, Netherlands
Go Jetters: Great Mosque of Djenne, Africa
Go Jetters: Wimbledon, England
Go Jetters: Cave of Crystals, Mexico
Go Jetters: Bishop Rock Lighthouse, Isles of Scilly
Go Jet Academy: Irrigation
Go Jetters: Bird Migration from Spain to Africa
Go Jetters: Whistler Mountain, Canada
Go Jetters: Solar E-Glitch
Go Jetters: Korowai Treehouses, Indonesia
Go Jet Academy: Volcanic Island
Go Jetters: Chocolate Hills, Philippines
Go Jet Academy: Global Gameshow
Go Jetters: Honey Bee Hijack
Go Jetters: Hollywood USA
Go Jetters: Fatberg, London
Go Jetters: Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica
Go Jetters: Continent of Africa
Go Jetters: Middle of the World, Ecuador
Go Jetters: Solar Race, Australia
Go Jetters: Amelia Earhart
Go Jetters: Himalyan Heroes, Nepal
Go Jetters: Monkey Bay, Thailand
Go Jetters: Cheddar Gorge, England
Go Jetters: Go Jetter or No Jetter
Go Jetters: Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean
Go Jetters: Svalbard Vault, Norway
Go Jetters: Shopping Shenanigans, Istanbul, Turkey
Go Jet Academy: Sea Arch Escape
Go Jet Academy: Ghost Crabs
Go Jetters: Tomatina Festival, Bunol, Spain
Go Jet Academy: Whale Rescue
Go Jetters: Chinese New Year, Dragon Dance Drama


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Go Jetters Foz Finger Puppet
Go Jetters Kyan Finger Puppet
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Foz Colouring Sheet
Grandmaster Glitch Colouring Sheet
Lars Colouring Sheet
Truckster Colouring Sheet
Grimbot Colouring Sheet
Vroomster Colouring Sheet
Ubercorn Colouring Sheet
The Venice in Italy Activity Sheet
The Xi'an in China Activity Sheet
The Tower Bridge in London Activity Sheet
The Sumatra in Indonesia Activity Sheet
The Petra in Jordan Activity Sheet
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Activity Sheet
Fun Animal Facts Sheet
Colouring Click-Ons Sheet
Code Breaker Activity Sheet
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Spot The Difference Sheets
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