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Go Jetters globe

Print and cut out the landmarks, and stick them on the world map to show where the Go Jetters have been exploring!


You will need:


  1. Begin by gluing pieces of blue tissue paper all over the styrofoam ball to represent the oceans. Use a variety of blue tissue tones to create a nice texture. Leave aside to dry.
  2. Next gently glue pieces of green tissue paper to represent the continents/land.
  3. Use white tissue paper to represent the Antarctica.
  4. Cut out all the landmarks and location stars.
  5. Decorate the globe with the landmarks and use the location stars to mark all the places where the Go Jetters have been.
  6. Now you are ready to follow the Go Jetters all over the globe. Keep adding stars as the Go Jetters visit new locations, episode after episode. Happy travels!