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Go Jetters paper tubes

Why not make your very own groovy Ubercorn and Grandmaster Glitch paper tube models? Aced it!

Instructions & templates

You will need:

Instructions for Grandmaster Glitch and Ubercorn:

  1. First, cut the kitchen paper tube in half to give you two characters bodies, one for Glitch and one for Ubercorn.
  2. Cut out the Glitch’s body, and accessory pieces from coloured paper.
  3. Follow the photograph of the finished Glitch for guidance on gluing all the paper pieces to the paper tube. Start by covering the paper tube in the larger grey rectangle, with the face cut out, so that the natural colour of the paper tube shows through.
  4. To create the funnel pieces for either side of Glitch’s head just curl the smaller grey paper rectangles around a marker and glue the ends together.
  5. Finish making by simply gluing on the smaller details for the orange funnel tops, face and grey solid strip at the base for his shoes. Use the marker to draw little rivets on his suit.
  6. To make Ubercorn, cut out the body and accessory pieces from coloured paper. Repeat the steps for Glitch for covering the tube.
  7. Curl the thin purple paper strips for the hair around a marker or pencil to create Ubercorn’s luscious wavy hair.
  8. Glue the curled strips to the body as shown. Layer shorter pieces over longer pieces for extra lusciousness!
  9. Follow the instruction sheet images for gluing the final details of Ubercorn’s purple goggles, horn, funky-disco red headband, nostrils and shadow under his chin. Add the little detail on his unicorn-horn, or alicorn, with the fine black marker.